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Who Is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s Excessive Evolutionary? His Marvel Comics Origins and Powers, Defined

Who Is GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY’s Excessive Evolutionary? His Marvel Comics Origins and Powers, Defined


Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3 has arrived, introducing MCU followers to Peacemaker’s Chukwudi Iwuji because the movie’s foremost villain, the Excessive Evolutionary. However simply who’s Marvel’s maddest scientist? What are the Excessive Evolutionary’s powers? Get able to get cosmic, as we’re right here to reply all of your burning Excessive Evolutionary questions, from Marvel Comics to MCU. 

The High Evolutionary in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3.
Marvel Studios

Who Is the Excessive Evolutionary in Marvel Comics? 

1966’s Thor #133 marks the primary reference to the Excessive Evolutionary in Marvel Comics. He would make his debut on the web page within the very subsequent problem, which additionally included a cameo of the mutant twins who would turn out to be such a key a part of the Excessive Evolutionary’s comedian ebook lore. With Galactus planning deep house destruction as at all times, Thor is searching for Jane Foster. It’s on his search that he comes throughout Mount Wundagore, the Excessive Evolutionary, and his New Males. Marvel’s Pietro and Wanda are going to Mount Wundagore to hunt solutions about their waning mutant powers.

An image from Marvel Premiere #1 shows the High Evolutionary a pink robotic man
Marvel Comics/Gil Kane/Dan Adkins

It wouldn’t be till years later that readers realized who the Excessive Evolutionary actually was, because of backup tales in The Evolutionary Battle occasion. Within the Marvel universe, the Excessive Evolutionary’s human identify was Herbert Edgar Wyndham, and he had as soon as been a profitable educational scientist. As a baby, Herbert turned obsessive about genetics and the potential for “evolving” creatures. However it wasn’t till an encounter with an odd man—later revealed to be a rogue Inhuman—who enlightened him on the way to “crack the genetic code” that Herbert made his desires a actuality. His experiments made him an outcast within the scientific discipline, and he moved to Mount Wundagore along with his analysis accomplice, Jonathan Drew, father of Spider-Girl, Jessica Drew. There he constructed his futuristic house. The Excessive Evolutionary started to evolve animals, making a collection of humanoid beasts referred to as the New Males.

The Excessive Evolutionary’s Powers and Talents

The High Evolutionary controls his genetic manipulation machines.
Marvel Comics

The Excessive Evolutionary’s powers are at all times in a state of flux. When he uncovered himself to his Evolutionary Accelerator machine and its unstable Isotope E, it brought about him to change from developed tremendous being to somebody with caveman intelligence ranges. However often, the Excessive Evolutionary has a sure baseline of talents. These embrace an artificially developed human mind, making him one of many smartest beings on Earth. The Excessive Evolutionary additionally has the powers of superhuman power, sturdiness, and a therapeutic issue just like Wolverine’s. Moreover, he can talk telepathically and protect his thoughts from different psychics.

Another powers the Excessive Evolutionary has demonstrated over time embrace the flexibility to levitate, though not outright fly. Physique mass manipulation permits him to alter his bodily measurement and density at will. Wyndham additionally has the flexibility to create drive fields, and shoot lethal concussive blasts from his physique. He may even evolve or devolve different beings by way of a type of compelled synthetic evolution. And due to all his evolutionary tampering, the Excessive Evolutionary has successfully achieved immortality, maybe his biggest energy of all.

How Is the Excessive Evolutionary Related to the Scarlet Witch? 

The floating spirit of a witch dressed inr ed and black reads a floating book on WandaVision
Marvel Studios

Herbert’s first look alluded to a connection to the Maximoffs. A flashback in 1974’s Large-Measurement Avengers #1 teased an important Mount Wundagore backstory across the twins’ start. Lastly, in 1979’s Avengers #185-187, Herbert’s full influence on the twins’ lives got here to gentle. It was throughout this iconic arc that readers realized their “true historical past.” Their mom sought refuge on Mount Wundagore after their father gained powers and went mad, “raving with a need to rule the world.” The Excessive Evolutionary’s cow creature referred to as Bova delivered the twins, and shortly their mom left the kids with the bovine midwife. Whereas Bova tried to offer the twins to the hero referred to as the Whizzer, he selected to run away. Finally, the Maximoffs got here and adopted the twins.

What does all this need to do with Wanda’s powers? Chthon “marked” her at her start. We study this as Chthon possesses Wanda. Talking by way of Wanda, Chthon tells the Avengers that Mount Wundagore was created to imprison him and the Darkhold. Inevitably, somebody used the Darkhold, and Chthon was freed when this information fell into the arms of the mistaken particular person. Finally, the demon is defeated. However at that second, Chthon decides to imbue child Wanda, who was simply born because of the Excessive Evolutionary’s creation, along with his magic, thus arguably creating essentially the most well-known origin of the Scarlet Witch. Whether or not the MCU’s Excessive Evolutionary and Scarlet Witch have any ties in any respect within the MCU, we should wait to search out out.

How Is the Excessive Evolutionary Related to Adam Warlock? 

An image from Marvel comics shows Pip the Troll sitting next to a bar next to Adam Warlock
Marvel Comics/Jim Starlin/Steve Leialoha

Within the comics, Adam Warlock and the Excessive Evolutionary are deeply related. Keep in mind how we first met Adam Warlock within the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 stinger? Adam was in an enormous cocoon, taken care of by the Excessive Priestess of the Sovereign, Ayesha. Ayesha calls her creation “Him” (as in Adam’s first look within the Unbelievable 4) earlier than deciding to call him Adam.

1972’s Marvel Premiere #1 introduced the story of Adam Warlock to life, and the problem dug deep into his previous. Created by scientists on Earth, the Excessive Evolutionary later discovered Adam’s physique floating in a cocoon in house. Within the comics, Herbert adopts Adam, names him Warlock, and locations an emerald upon his brow. The comics would later reveal the emerald because the Soul Gem. Within the MCU, Adam’s creators, the Sovereign, are creations of the Excessive Evolutionary. It’s extra of an oblique line, however nonetheless a line.

The MCU Excessive Evolutionary in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

The High Evolutionary experiments on humans in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 trailer.
Marvel Studios

In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, the MCU’s Excessive Evolutionary doesn’t appear to originate from Earth. He was solely referred to ever because the Excessive Evolutionary. The MCU made no reference to the Excessive Evolutionary’s Marvel Comics human identify of Herbert Wyndham. On Counter-Earth, he talked about that he visited Earth as soon as and admired it. The Excessive Evolutionary based mostly his new MCU world on his reminiscences, additional suggesting his origins are alien. In fact, he might need taken the identify Herbert Wyndham whereas residing on Earth, nevertheless it’s not talked about within the movie in any respect.

Moreover, Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3 portrays the Excessive Evolutionary as one of the sadistic villains the MCU has ever seen, torturing animals to additional his personal experiments in perfection. And he’s worshipped as a god amongst many alien species, suggesting Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Excessive Evolutionary is way older than his Marvel Comics counterpart.

The High Evolutionary gives a grand speech in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 trailer.
Marvel Studios

Though the Excessive Evolutionary appeared to die on the finish of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, he really lived. James Gunn confirmed as a lot on Twitter. Not solely did Rocket save the Excessive Evolutionary’s life on the climax of the movie, he’s now really imprisoned in Knowhere.

Gunn notes, “Sure! It’s the entire end result of Rocket’s journey. His shift is available in that he doesn’t kill him – he goes from being the least empathetic to essentially the most empathetic Guardian. It appears foolish & hole that he’d refuse to kill him [the High Evolutionary] & then depart him on an exploding ship. And, sure, there’s a deleted scene. It’s actually nice really, nevertheless it tousled the pacing of the top. However you’ll see it within the extras ultimately.”

And, certainly, the deleted scene revealing the Excessive Evolutionary’s destiny is included within the house launch of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It’s titled, “Knowhere After the Battle,”

So sure, it’s very doable we might even see the Excessive Evolutionary return once more within the MCU and its multiverse. Now that Ms. Marvel established the mutant gene within the MCU, it feels very intentional to introduce a famed geneticist. As as to if the Excessive Evolutionary ever visits Mount Wundagore or creates Bova… nicely, we will dream.

Initially revealed on July 27, 2022.

Unique reporting by Rosie Knight. Further reporting by Eric Diaz.



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