Home Movie Thor Realized His Most Necessary Lesson About Being a Hero From Spider-Man

Thor Realized His Most Necessary Lesson About Being a Hero From Spider-Man

Thor Realized His Most Necessary Lesson About Being a Hero From Spider-Man


Warning! Spoilers for Thor Annual #1!Thor learns a lesson from Spider-Man on the best way to be a greater hero. Peter Parker inadvertently advises Thor to not observe in his father’s footsteps and as an alternative be a higher All-Father than Odin ever was.



In Thor Annual #1 by Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, Ibraim Roberson, Dan Brown, and Joe Sabino, Thor is confronted with a battle he isn’t positive that he can win. He recounts his father’s technique: “Odin by no means fought in a battle he didn’t know he may win.” Thor then runs from M.Y.T.H.O.S., the over-powered M.O.D.O.Ok. who has made it in order that heroes by no means existed on Earth. Thor has an opportunity assembly with powerless Peter Parker as he saves fellow residents on this post-apocalyptic M.Y.T.H.O.S.-ruled Earth.

Thor and Peter Parker Speak to Each Other

Peter Parker has no Spider-Man powers right here due to M.Y.T.H.O.S., however he nonetheless helps individuals in want. Speaking with Thor, Peter tells him that he feels “a duty to take the time,” even in failure.

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Spider-Man Teaches Thor a Factor or Two about Being a Hero

Thor Confronts Peter Parker

With out his powers, Spider-Man remains to be overwhelmed with a way of duty. Thor, as the brand new All-Father, has a fantastic duty, however he nonetheless cowered from the menace that will enslave the ten realms. Peter Parker expounds on his earlier assertion, saying, “the battles you possibly can’t win are an important to battle.” Thor and Spider-Man should not sometimes intently related, however Thor has discovered from the all-seeing Sif that Peter is a real hero. That Thor takes his recommendation and returns to defeat M.Y.T.H.O.S. is testomony to the lesson Uncle Ben bestowed upon Peter all these years in the past, but it surely additionally speaks to Thor’s character.

Odin would by no means have taken the recommendation of anybody, not to mention a mere mortal of Midgard. The distinction between Thor and Odin is what makes Thor a hero the place his father was only a ruler. Odin wouldn’t perceive that it is his duty to return and battle M.Y.T.H.O.S. to guard Asgard. Odin was solely ever involved with sustaining his picture because the All-Father, the god of the ten realms; his rule was all about him and by no means about his prices. Thor, however, has typically fought when it regarded like he is probably not victorious. He’s an Avenger, in spite of everything.

Being All-Father is new to Thor, and he’s nonetheless making an attempt to determine precisely what which means for him. Spider-Man offers Thor simply what he must lastly get rid of the a part of him that thinks he must be like his father to be a great king. What Asgard and the opposite 9 realms want shouldn’t be one other Odin — they want Thor.

Thor Annual #1 is out there now from Marvel Comics.



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