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Shang-Chi Toys Reveal the MCU’s Ten Rings

Shang-Chi Toys Reveal the MCU’s Ten Rings


It’s all the time enjoyable to see issues a few film which might be stored secret till the early launch of toys reveal it to the world. Whereas nothing is as Earth-shattering as when Hasbro launched a The Pressure Awakens Rey determine with a lightsaber every week earlier than the film arrived in theaters (after which Lucasfilm labored additional time to clean fan images of it from the Web), the current launch of Marvel’s Shang-Chi toys has revealed one small change to the lore from the comics within the transition to the MCU.

Within the comics, the Ten Rings had been really rings that The Mandarin wore in every finger. That seems to be barely totally different within the MCU.

Earlier within the week I discovered the Marvel Legends Shang-Chi figures on retailer cabinets, and seen that the Wenwu (The Mandarin within the film) determine had 5 metallic bands on every wrist; ten rings. I commented to a good friend on the time that these may very well be the MCU’s Ten Rings versus precise rings on his fingers. Now it appears like that may very well be the case.

Simu Liu Tweeted a photograph of the complete toy line, and there are two role-play toys of the metallic bands that The Mandarin wears, and the arm band toys are known as “Legend of the Ten Rings”:

Primarily based on the toys it’s attainable these arm bands might have some form of vitality blast, which might be just like The Mandarin’s rings within the comedian as effectively.



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