Home Comics Secret Invasion’s Gravik Parallel’s Skyfall’s Raoul Silva

Secret Invasion’s Gravik Parallel’s Skyfall’s Raoul Silva

Secret Invasion’s Gravik Parallel’s Skyfall’s Raoul Silva


The next article incorporates spoilers for the finale of Secret Invasion, now streaming on Disney+.

The Secret Invasion finale has dropped on Disney+, and with it got here an epic villain monologue from Gravik, the chief of the Skrull rebellion. It is a basic trope for each the spy and superhero style and, subsequently, significantly becoming for Nick Fury’s solo MCU collection. Usually these monologues function exposition because the villain describes their evil plan to the hero. Sometimes, nevertheless, these soliloquies present perception into the primary baddie’s motivations, and lend extra depth to the character. Gravik’s speech was the latter, and though it was uncommon, it was additionally eerily acquainted.

When Gravik confronted his former mentor in Secret Invasion, Season 1, Episode 6, “Residence,” he lent context to his megalomaniacal schemes by laying naked his frustrations with the Skrull refugees’ state of affairs on Earth. He additionally turned it right into a scathing indictment of Nick Fury for making guarantees he could not – or would not – hold. At that second, his tragic historical past was laid naked, and it was one which trendy James Bond followers may simply acknowledge.

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Gravik Grew to become a Monster As a result of That’s What Nick Fury Wanted Him To Be

Secret Invasion's Gravik comes to Earth with Varra

Secret Invasion revealed that Nick Fury rose via the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the assistance of his community of Skrull brokers, volunteers he recruited after Carol Danvers initially failed to search out them a brand new residence world. Gravik was a type of recruits. Orphaned at a younger age and extremely impressionable, the younger shape-shifter was wanting to be part of one thing. The Skrulls’ potential to repeat the type of any dwelling being – right down to their DNA – made them excellent espionage brokers. However spy craft is extra than simply intelligence gathering, because the naive younger Gravik would inevitably be taught, and doing Nick Fury’s soiled work finally modified him for the worst. He defined this to Fury as the previous Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. gave the impression to be dying from radiation poisoning. Gravik defined how he selected his human face, that it had belonged to the primary man that Fury ever ordered him to kill, and the way it destroyed slightly piece of himself each time he did it.

Taking a life isn’t a small matter for anybody, nevertheless it should’ve been particularly arduous on somebody like Gravik. He advised Fury that the person he’d killed had a spouse and youngsters. As an orphan, the Skrull spy would’ve sympathized with these youngsters, realizing the opening that shedding a father or mother can depart. But Gravik persevered as a result of he believed Fury would come via for him and his folks. All he needed to do was be affected person and keep the course. When Fury failed to carry up his finish of the discount, Gravik misplaced religion. Having been a believer in what he was doing for therefore lengthy, Fury’s failure appeared like a betrayal to Gravik, resulting in the Skrull’s fall from grace. This tragic story has performed out earlier than, costing one other tremendous spy one in every of his closest allies.

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The Villains in Secret Invasion and Skyfall Have been Minimize From the Identical Fabric

Raoul Silva torturing Bond in Skyfall

Secret Invasion has a lot in frequent with Skyfall, the third James Bond movie starring Daniel Craig, particularly in terms of their villains. Years earlier than Gravik plotted the destruction of humanity and a takeover of planet Earth, disillusioned former MI6 Agent Raoul Silva tried to carry down the British Secret Service in a plot in opposition to M, the pinnacle of that company. Very like Gravik, Silva was weak and naive when he was recruited as a spy. He believed within the trigger he was working for, and was a devoted and succesful agent. That each one modified when Nice Britain turned management of Hong Kong over to the Chinese language authorities. M offered Silva out to China when he went rogue, buying and selling him for different British brokers and a peaceable transition of energy. Gravik felt betrayed and deserted when Fury left Earth shortly after he returned from The Blip, leaving the Skrulls to fend for themselves.

These occasions led each males to hunt vengeance by attacking what their enemies held most expensive. Silva tried to destroy MI6 via cyberterrorism to get to M, and Gravik needed to destroy all of humanity in his vendetta in opposition to Fury. In the end, Silva was extra centered and went after M instantly, however that put him within the cross-hairs of 007, who lured the terrorist onto his residence turf. Silva received his revenge, nevertheless it value him his life. Equally, Gravik killed two of Nick Fury’s closest mates and allies. Though eliminating Maria Hill – who had been Fury’s proper hand for years – crippled the veteran spy, taking out Talos introduced him into battle with G’iah. Talos’ daughter and Gravik’s former operative disguised herself as Fury so as to destroy the person who murdered her father, outwitting and outfighting him till the top.

There isn’t any query that Gravik and Silva’s actions in pursuit of their respective vendettas have been heinous and unjustifiable. Too many lives have been misplaced, and too many innocents have been harmed. The Skrulls might face higher hardships on Earth because of Gravik’s Secret Invasion. There isn’t any sympathy for the satan. Similar to with Silva, nevertheless, realizing how an harmless younger alien grew to become a monster makes it potential to not less than pity the poor Skrull.

Secret Invasion is presently streaming on Disney+.



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