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Readers Write In #605: Video video games as a story gadget

Readers Write In #605: Video video games as a story gadget


By Hari PR

We stay in occasions the place the phrase ‘gaming’ has assumed a unfavorable connotation, thanks largely to the proliferation of ‘on-line’ gaming corporations wanting gamers to stake cash and use their ‘abilities’ to play. There’s one other class of gaming, the standard online game, the creators of which put in much more effort in making their video games, and deal with it as an artwork (effectively, for essentially the most half.)

My earliest publicity to video video games was as a child again within the 90s ,when the likes of Mario and ‘Duck Hunt’ have been fairly common. These have been easy-to-pick-up video games, and have been fairly novel and enjoyable again then. Ultimately, although, the novelty wore off, and life occurred.

A number of many years later, just lately, I received myself a brand new laptop computer, which was supposedly highly effective sufficient for ‘gaming’. Out of curiosity, I browsed for an inexpensive recreation to attempt, and come across one by title ‘Disco Elysium’.

And I used to be hooked. It’s a homicide thriller recreation, the place you get to play the detective in control of the investigation. And like every homicide thriller price its salt, the main target slowly shifts as the sport progresses, and also you realise that the homicide thriller was solely the tip of the iceberg, and the sport is making an attempt to make a bigger level about society, and as you method endgame, it hits you that it’s the protagonist’s psyche, and his disturbed previous that was the actual thriller all alongside. As the sport received accomplished and the credit began to roll, I received the identical satisfaction that I’d have gotten upon the top of a gripping film.

Disco Elysium received me keen on exploring the medium of video video games as a story and story-telling gadget, and I discovered that there are numerous video games that may give a superb novel or a superb film a run for its cash. A singular factor about video video games is that there’s a component of interactivity- as a participant, you get to ‘management’ the narrative, and in some video games, your selections affect the ultimate act, whereby the ending in your second play-through might be completely different from the ending you noticed the primary time round.

Video video games additionally lend themselves to the attention-grabbing idea of ‘interactive films’. There’s this recreation referred to as ‘Her Story’, the place once more you play an investigator, and the gameplay simply entails looking for video clips by their tags. Every video performs for just a few seconds, and as you watch extra of those clips, the story begins coming collectively. In impact, that is solely a film, however one wherein every participant every participant sees a distinct sequence of scenes. I performed this recreation and requested my accomplice to play it too, and we arrived on the identical ‘climax’, however by way of completely different routes. There was a reveal that I found out solely in the direction of the top of my gameplay, which my accomplice found out proper at first, and her subsequent searches (and therefore the corresponding video clips) have been completely different to mine. I used to be fairly fascinated by the way in which this recreation/interactive film had been deliberate and acted out (it has just one actor all through.)

In BR’s articles, one factor that’s usually identified is {that a} good movie is one whose expression can’t be replicated by way of books or different media (the visible grammar, and so forth.) There’s this recreation titled ‘Brothers – A Story of Two Sons’, which does one thing related with the online game medium. There’s a very touching portion in the direction of the top of the sport, and it’s a factor that may solely be skilled by really enjoying the sport. The sensation can’t be reproduced in every other media, be it films or books. Saying what it’s will spoil the whole lot of the sport, however for the curious, Google is your good friend.

In fact, simply as there are all varieties of films, there are all varieties of video video games. My fascination is with video games that inform a narrative, however there are video games the place you simply mash buttons and combat AI enemies, there are video games that are infamous for ‘micro transactions’ (in-game purchases geared toward parting you together with your cash), and video games that are geared toward satisfying gameplay slightly than a story. 

Video video games immediately are the place films have been just a few many years earlier, and possibly the ‘Citizen Kane’ of the online game isn’t a lot farther away. We will wait and see. For now, although, within the realm of leisure media, it’s a fascinating various to the guide and the film.



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