Home Indian Movies Readers Write In #574:  PS-2 and why it’s riddled with the identical issues that plagued later seasons of GoT

Readers Write In #574:  PS-2 and why it’s riddled with the identical issues that plagued later seasons of GoT

Readers Write In #574:  PS-2 and why it’s riddled with the identical issues that plagued later seasons of GoT


By Gnanaozhi

The film merely didn’t work for me. It has a extreme GoT season 5-8 downside. Seasons 1-4 had been chic, it tailored the books faithfully however the Showrunners added some minor twists of their very own (like that scene the place Tywin is being served by Arya who’s pretending to be a lowly servant). Nonetheless as soon as the supply materials ran out, it turned a putrid pile of festering rubbish. It seemed gorgeous positive, the BGM by Ramin Djwadi is one for the ages, the performing was terrific however the core script simply didn’t add up. 

Ps1 was sensible. PS2 the primary half took the brilliance of Ps1 after which amped it up. The second half? Utter nonsense. 

The brilliance of Kalki was that he took sure and identified historic occasions, did meticulous analysis after which crammed the gaps in. 

So we all know Adita Karikalan was murdered by the great thing about the work is the whodunit that runs all through. 

We all know there was a Chola battle in opposition to a Pandya riot. 

We even know of excessive officers like Anirudha Brahamarayar or Vandhiyathevar. 

We all know Kundavei was a robust noblewoman together with her personal huge estates who did a whole lot of good deeds. 

We all know that the road from Sundara chola skipped Arulmozhi went to Utama Chola after which got here again to Arulmozhi aka Raja Raja. .

And much more historic details. Kalki took these sparse details and spun an beautiful tapestry. 

MR although merely skips this meticulous analysis, writes guys characters into bizarre cul de sacs and worst of all commits atrocious historic errors. 

Let’s begin with the historical past first. 

The Rashtrakutas and Cholas had a battle, sure and the Rashtrakutas invaded additionally sure that’s proper however it fricking came about in the course of the time of Parantaka Chola 1. Parantaka Chola is the grandfather of Sundara Chola (Prakash Raj) and the nice grandfather of the three siblings (Adita, Kundavai and Arulmozhi). By the point of the occasions being described the Rashtrakutas had ceased to exist. 

That is like if somebody made a historic film on WW2 and confirmed the Germans allying with Napoleonic France to struggle Soviet Russia. That’s how ahistorical that is. 

Am not even bothering with the precise weapons or that Roman scutum fashion defend, or leather-based armour that seemed like one thing a BDSM practioner would put on. Or the techniques. I assume that Indian administrators basically, even somebody as nice as MR even hassle with historic accuracy. 

Spoiler territory forward. 

Within the books it was not brawn and even probability however a battle of guile and wits. Anirudha Brahamarayar and Kundavi had been the very best of the very best grasp of whispers entire Nandini on the opposite facet might match them and even greatest them. Males turned to putty in her fingers and he or she wielded that energy totally. She was extraordinarily robust willed (as was Kundavi and even facet characters like Poonguzhali). The Nandini of the e-book and certainly the PS1 or the primary half of PS2 would haven’t hesitated to plunge a dagger into AK’s chest and he or she most positively would haven’t dedicated suicide and even regretted that she used Periyapazhuvetayar as a chess participant would a Pawn. 

Kundavi who orchestrated occasions had no position within the film. 

Whereas sure watching Vikram who was in peak type was simply wonderful, the shift in focus from Arulmozhi to Adita additionally didn’t make any sense. 

Parthibendra switching allegiance as a result of…. causes? Additionally made no sense. 

Arulmozhi and Kundavi not even talking for and on behalf of Vandhiyathevar? Is mindless moreover all is forgotten and all of the sudden he’s again to being greatest buds with them?

Issues occur not due to an natural motion of the plot, as Kalki structured it, which was akin to an intricate Swiss watch whereas right here issues occur as a result of they should occur. 

Sure it seemed gorgeous, the songs had been good (the BGM merely didn’t work for me although), Vikram was chic, as was Karthi. Even Jayam Ravi was good. The present stealers had been younger Vikram and younger Aishwarya. 

Lastly I get that Aishwarya is MR’s muse and all however she merely can’t move off as this younger ethereally lovely lady. And that face has all of the performing vary of Steven Seagal!



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