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Physician Who’s Celestial Toymaker Nearly Made a Comeback

Physician Who’s Celestial Toymaker Nearly Made a Comeback


Physician Who‘s sixtieth Anniversary Specials are actually simply months away. The celebratory episodes will see the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate, in addition to the debut of Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth Physician. Moreover, Neil Patrick Harris is about to play the specials’ essential antagonist. Whereas particulars about Harris’ character are scarce, followers shortly latched onto the thought Harris might be enjoying the Celestial Toymaker.

The aforementioned villain was final seen on-screen within the 1966 serial “The Celestial Toymaker.” Whereas suspicions started upon the reveal of key artwork depicting Harris in a Geppetto-esque toymaker getup, indicators noticed through the specials’ filming referenced the Toymaker. The indicators additionally referenced his clown minion Joey, which additional hinted Harris may in reality be enjoying the nefarious immortal with a penchant for video games. Whereas the Physician Who sixtieth Anniversary Specials may doubtlessly see an epic return of the basic villain, he truly nearly made a comeback in 1986.


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The Toymaker Practically Confronted Off In opposition to the Sixth Physician

The Celestial Toymaker stands alongside the First Doctor and clowns in Doctor Who

The serial during which the Toymaker debuts sees the titular villain put William Hartnell’s First Physician and his companions by a collection of lethal trials modeled after youngsters’s video games. Whereas the TARDIS workforce emerge triumphant, the Physician doubts they’ve seen the final of the Toymaker, and remarks that they will seemingly encounter him once more sooner or later. Regardless of being arrange as a recurring villain, “The Celestial Toymaker” can be the character’s solely look on tv.

Whereas he would seem in ancilliary materials such because the novels and comics, the Toymaker by no means got here to blows with the Physician onscreen once more, however very practically did in 1986. Deliberate for Season 23, “The Nightmare Honest” would have seen the Sixth Physician and Peri visiting an amusement park in Blackpool that was in actuality a entice laid by the Toymaker. The latter would have been as soon as once more performed by unique actor Michael Gough. The Toymaker would then pressure the Physician to play an arcade sport which absorbs the souls of anybody who loses to it, permitting the Toymaker to overcome Earth.

Sadly, Physician Who‘s enforced hiatus would see “The Nightmare Honest” and the remainder of the deliberate Season 23 scrapped and changed with “The Trial of a Time Lord” as a substitute. Fortunately “The Nightmare Honest” would see a launch in different codecs — first, as a novelization in 1989, then as an audio drama in 2009 starring Sixth Physician and Peri actors Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. David Bailie ended up changing Gough because the Celestial Toymaker.

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Physician Who’s Season 23 Cancellation Meant Different Villains Missed Out

The ice warriors from doctor Who stand against a red Martian sky in Doctor Who

The Toymaker wasn’t the one villain who missed out as a result of Season 23’s cancellation. “Yellow Fever and The best way to Treatment It” was deliberate to see the return of renegade Time Lords the Grasp and the Rani, in addition to the Autons. “Mission to Magnus” would have seen the Mentor Sil kind an alliance with the Ice Warriors, and “The Hollows of Time” would have featured the Tractators, the gravity-manipulating bugs from Season 21’s ”Frontios”.

Whereas the Grasp and Sil would nonetheless return within the broadcast Season 23, the others weren’t so fortunate. The Rani must wait till Season 24’s “Time and the Rani” to make a comeback, whereas the Autons would not return till 2005’s “Rose.” The Tractators, in the meantime, have by no means returned to tv, though “The Hollows of Time” obtained an audio adaptation alongside ”The Nightmare Honest”.

After lacking out on Season 23, the Ice Warriors had been as a result of return in Season 27’s “Ice Time,” which might have been the Seventh Physician’s fourth season. Sadly, the present was cancelled earlier than “Ice Time” went into manufacturing, and the Ice Warriors would not return to screens till 2013’s “Chilly Struggle.”

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Who Else Practically Returned?

The Meddling Monk stands on a field looking on with awe in Doctor Who

Equally to “The Celestial Toymaker,” 1968’s “The Internet of Worry” appears to arrange an imminent rematch with its villain, the Nice Intelligence. “The Laird of McCrimmon” was deliberate for the very subsequent season, and would have seen the Second Physician, Jamie and Zoe come to blows with the Nice Intelligence and his robotic Yeti servants in Scotland. With the story’s cancellation it could take one other 42 years for the Nice Intelligence to reappear, in 2012’s ”The Snowmen”, however the Yeti have but to return in any respect, barring a cameo in 1983’s “The 5 Medical doctors.”

The Meddling Monk is among the most necessary villains in Physician Who historical past, predating the Grasp as the primary antagonistic Time Lord within the collection. Regardless of this, the character hasn’t been seen on tv since 1966. A deliberate rematch towards Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Physician was drafted by author Peter Harness in a script titled ”How The Monk Obtained His Behavior”, with Matt Berry eyed to play the Monk. Sadly, plans fell by, and the Monk nonetheless has but to return.

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The Twelfth Physician’s period additionally practically noticed the return of the Land of Fiction, a metaphysical realm whereby fictional characters come to life, final seen in 1969’s “The Thoughts Robber.” “Satisfaction and Prejudice and Daleks” was to have been written by Paul Cornell and would have seen a return to the Land of Fiction, however the episode was purportedly scrapped for being too much like one other script in growth on the time.

For probably the most half, Physician Who is reliant on its three most central returning villains: the Daleks, the Cybermen and the Grasp. Regardless of this, it has a wealthy rogues gallery to tug from, and the potential return of the Toymaker may point out showrunner Russell T Davies’ willingness to carry again extra obscure villains. Maybe different near-returnees may have their likelihood within the highlight quickly, however within the meantime, followers will all the time marvel what might need been with these varied unmade tales, and the way totally different Physician Who‘s historical past may have been.

The Physician Who sixtieth Anniversary specials will debut in Nov. 2023.



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