Home Comics One Piece Idea: Blackbeard Needs Garp Alive

One Piece Idea: Blackbeard Needs Garp Alive

One Piece Idea: Blackbeard Needs Garp Alive


The next comprises spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1087, “Battleship Luggage,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, out there in English from Viz Media.

Issues are trying dicey for Vice Admiral Garp on Hachinosu. He was doing properly at first, however the Blackbeard Pirates’ soiled techniques and Kuzan’s enough energy have put him in a shedding place. If issues proceed like this, the Blackbeard Pirates may kill him as they’ve supposed to since he arrived. From there, they might acquire the three-Crown bounty on his head from Cross Guild. Even when Garp succeeds in his mission to rescue Koby, the trade-off can be undesirable, particularly to the Marines.

Nonetheless, there could also be a manner for Garp to outlive his encounter with the ruthless Blackbeard Pirates. Whereas they may profit from killing off considered one of their most formidable adversaries, Blackbeard might produce other plans for him. He would possibly need to maintain Garp alive for all the advantages that may carry his manner. It might be difficult to detain a person like Garp, but when the Blackbeard Pirates can do it, they will use him for all types of leverage. This might even mark an inciting incident that may lastly carry Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates right into a confrontation with the Blackbeard Pirates.

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Why Would the Blackbeard Pirates Seize Garp Reasonably Than Kill Him?

Garp in One Piece grinning

For one factor, a captured Garp would carry out the identical operate as Koby, solely higher. The unique goal of capturing Koby was to make use of him as a bargaining chip in opposition to the World Authorities. Blackbeard believes if issues go properly, this might carry his Hachinosu nearer to changing into a full-fledged kingdom affiliated with the World Authorities.

Nonetheless, everybody else concluded Blackbeard’s plan would not work. It’s because Koby is a member of SWORD. The Navy can lower him free at any time when he turns into a burden, which makes him nugatory as a hostage. Regardless of this risk, Blackbeard is set to make use of Koby for all he is value. He is nonetheless a Hero among the many Marines, so taking him hostage will nonetheless harm their repute.

Garp accomplishes all the things Koby can and extra. Not solely is he a extra well-known hero, however he is additionally thought-about a extra highly effective asset. He is additionally not a member of SWORD, so he cannot be disavowed. There is no such thing as a solution to deny what an issue it might be for the Marines if he have been captured. Forcing them to acknowledge this might additionally imply forcing them and, by extension, the World Authorities, to simply accept the legitimacy of Hachinosu as both a menace or a nation.

Holding Garp captive may also include the bonus of luring Luffy to Hachinosu. It is unknown whether or not Blackbeard is aware of the reality in regards to the Gum-Gum Fruit, however he has proven curiosity in it because the Dressrosa Arc; he even tried to get Jesus Burgess to steal it for him. If the Blackbeard Pirates heading for Egghead fail to steal Luffy’s Fruit there, Garp may change into their backup plan.

After all, this assumes Luffy is prepared to avoid wasting Garp. They’ve at all times had a spotty previous, and the Straw Hats will solely rescue buddies and allies they know are in plain hazard. Nonetheless, Luffy would possibly put all that apart if he is aware of his grandfather is being held hostage.

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How Will the Blackbeard Pirates Detain Garp?

Garp and Kuzan from manga and anime 'One Piece'.

If the aim is to seize Garp, there would have to be a solution to detain him with out killing him. Knocking him out is barely step one. The Blackbeard Pirates want a assure they will deal with him when he wakes up.

Ideally, most prisoners in One Piece are detained utilizing Sea Prism Stone handcuffs. Not solely can they suppress Satan Fruit powers, however they’re as laborious as diamonds; they’re just about unattainable to interrupt out of. Nonetheless, the primary level is moot since Garp does not have a Satan Fruit. He may also be sturdy sufficient to interrupt Seas Prism Stone cuffs. If the Blackbeard Pirates use Sea Prism Stone, they could take the Large Mother-Queen route and bind him in as many cuffs and chains as doable.

If binding Garp is not sufficient, the Blackbeard Pirates would possibly assign Kuzan to protect him. As issues stand, he is the one member of the crew proven to be anyplace close to sturdy sufficient to deal with Garp. He ought to at the very least be capable of take care of the Hero of the Marines if he is injured and detained. Moreover, he can use his Ice-Ice powers to freeze him in order that he cannot even consider escaping.

The ultimate step can be to maintain Garp someplace protected on Hachinosu. This manner, anybody hoping to rescue him must enter deep into enemy territory. The jail does not must be an undisclosed location, nevertheless it would possibly assist to have it someplace underground in order that attempting to get out leaves one at an obstacle. Once more, if the rescuer is another person Blackbeard desires to seize (like Luffy), they might be swarmed by enemy pirates, overwhelmed, and finally caught themselves.

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How May Luffy Get Concerned In Garp’s Rescue?

The Straw Hats Assemble During Episode 1000 of One Piece

A rescue mission helmed by Luffy would probably borrow a number of elements from earlier story arcs. It might begin like several main One Piece arc the place the Straw Hat Pirates enter enemy territory. The crew would sneak into the nation and mix in with the locals to get the drop on their enemies. Since Hachinosu is solely enemy territory, infiltrating it may show harder than typical.

The infiltration plan would inevitably fail due to Luffy. He often both loses his cool throughout these covert operations or runs off to do one thing not a part of the plan. Both manner, he’ll blow his cowl and drive the crew to improvise from there.

The crew will probably run into the identical subject as Garp’s group. They are going to be swarmed by seemingly infinite enemy pirates showing like bees out of a hive. Even when they’ve allies to assist them raid the island, they will probably need to get out and in as quickly as doable.

One potential wild card in all that is Gecko Moria. The final anybody heard from him, he was one other prisoner of the Blackbeard Pirates, and Perona was there to rescue him. It is unconfirmed whether or not she succeeded in getting her captain off of the island; for all anybody is aware of, she was captured, too. They may find yourself freed alongside Garp and collectively serve the identical goal as Crocodile in Impel Down — helping with the escape.

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Garp may additionally assist the Straw Hats escape Hachinosu as soon as he is freed. He would not be what Ace was to Luffy at Marineford, however he would not attempt to burden his rescuers. After all, his usefulness throughout this a part of the mission would rely upon whether or not the Blackbeard Pirates patch him up after capturing him. If he is nonetheless injured from his battle with Kuzan, that might be an issue.

In any case, Garp will probably survive his encounter with the Blackbeard Pirates. Except there’s concrete proof of his loss of life, like a corpse or a funeral, One Piece followers predict him to drag via. With that in thoughts, it makes essentially the most sense for the Blackbeard Pirates to take him as a prisoner, no matter their intentions. As for whether or not Luffy would be the one to attempt to rescue him, that reply should wait till he will get the information.



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