Home Movie One Piece Confirms a HUGE Shanks Principle

One Piece Confirms a HUGE Shanks Principle

One Piece Confirms a HUGE Shanks Principle


Warning: accommodates spoilers for One Piece Quantity 4 billionProbably the most explosive theories in One Piece, relating to Purple-Haired Shanks, was simply confirmed. Many followers believed that Shanks is definitely a descendant of the Celestial Dragons, the merciless nobles who rule the One Piece world, and new info from collection writer Eiichiro Oda appears to verify that is the reality. Shanks’ previous is shrouded in thriller, outdoors the truth that as a child he was an apprentice on the ship of the legendary Pirate King Gol D. Roger.



Followers began theorizing about Shanks’ origin when, in chapter 907, he seems in Marijoa in entrance of the 5 Elders, the best authorities of the World Authorities, requesting to speak about “a sure pirate.” Marijoa is essentially the most sacred floor of the World Authorities, it ought to be an impenetrable fortress, and the 5 Elders are the best authorities of a company that desires to eradicate all pirates. Not solely is Shanks – one of many Yonko, the 4 Emperors – not stopped in any approach, however one of many Elders additionally says: “We solely made time to speak as a result of it was you.” This might make sense provided that Shanks was a Celestial Dragon by lineage, therefore receiving a privileged therapy that might be unthinkable for another pirate.

One Piece Confirms Shanks is a Celestial Dragon


The collection didn’t elaborate on this additional till One Piece Quantity 4 billion, a particular booklet distributed to attendees of the film One Piece Movie: Purple, written by Eiichiro Oda himself. The quantity explains that Shanks was discovered as a 1-year-old boy by Gol D. Roger and his crew, hidden in a treasure chest pillaged after their battle in God Valley. This, along with a line from the film wherein the 5 Elders say that Shanks belongs to the “Figarland Household, appears to verify that Shanks is, in reality, a descendant of the Celestial Dragons, the omnipotent households who maintain absolute authority over the world.

The rationale why the still-mysterious “God Valley Incident” is so essential is that the manga defined that it was an assault on the Celestial Dragons by the {powerful} crew of the Rocks Pirates, who have been making an attempt to upset the steadiness of the world. On that event, Roger allied with the Marine Garp, and so they defeated the Rocks, saving the Celestial Dragons and their slaves who have been current. If Shanks was discovered hidden in a treasure chest, it might imply that his household tried to cover him from the harmful Rocks, and he by chance ended up on Roger’s ship, which might form Shanks’ life perpetually.

Shanks Being a Celestial Dragon Will Have A Massive Affect on One Piece

Shanks in One Piece

There’s additionally an opportunity that Shanks is definitely the son of the Celestial Dragons’ slaves, or of another person who was in God Valley, however this may not clarify his interplay with the 5 Elders, nor why they find out about his household identify. This might not be the primary time {that a} One Piece fan concept is confirmed, as a result of Eiichiro Oda is a grasp at foreshadowing and leaving the suitable clues for followers to select up. Whereas it’s uncommon to disclose such essential info outdoors the manga, Shanks‘ true nature as a Celestial Dragon will certainly have a huge impact on One Piece and​​​​​​ its story.



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