Home Comics Harley Quinn Season 4 Creates a New Poisonous Battle for Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn Season 4 Creates a New Poisonous Battle for Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn Season 4 Creates a New Poisonous Battle for Poison Ivy


The next reveals spoilers for Harley Quinn Season 4, Episode 2, “B.I.T.C.H.,” now streaming on Max.

The Harley Quinn cartoon has strongly leaned so much into poisonous masculinity through the years. Even with heroes like Batman and Jim Gordon, the present explored how controlling they might be. The massive arc, nonetheless, got here with Joker. Fortunately, he ended up altering his methods and have become mayor.

He realized how manipulative he was, which was why Harley grew to understand the love Poison Ivy supplied. Of their Harlivy relationship, they’ve company, present Gotham what a feminist energy couple might be, and at last, they provide one another the real love they felt they deserved. Sadly, because the present resumes, Ivy has been positioned right into a hostile office setting, leaving her with an uphill battle in opposition to the very factor she rescued Harley from.

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Harley Quinn Creates a Misogynistic Legion of Doom

Harley Quinn's Legion of Doom harasses Poison Ivy

Season 4 of Harley Quinn kicks off with Lex Luthor giving Ivy a giant position as his CEO. Nonetheless, when he jets off to house in in his NSFW rocket, the boys’ membership would not like being instructed what to do by a lady. Villains like Black Manta, Snowflame, Grodd and Man-Bat make lewd, sexist feedback. They bully Ivy and harass her, to the purpose they make jibes she’s solely a lady of affect as a result of she’s sleeping with the boss.

It is patriarchy another time, infuriating Ivy and reminding her why she tried to destroy Gotham in Season 3. She tries to be diplomatic, however she has to make a stand. Her group has different ladies like Nora Fries and Volcana, so she needs to set an instance. If the lads benefit from their very own boss, they are going to do the identical to those different ladies. Fortunately, Ivy will get aggressive and batters a bunch of those goons to indicate they should hear. It comes after Bane destroys an oil tanker, successfully dirtying the Gotham harbor, which drives Ivy to place her foot down for everybody.

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Harley Quinn’s Poisonous Company Sphere Might Break Ivy Once more

Harley Quinn's Poison Ivy lectures her Legion of Doom teammates

The boys in Ivy’s orbit perceive they should tread evenly, which they do ultimately. Nonetheless, villains like Snowflame hold pushing boundaries. Clearly, they do not respect Ivy and even when they’re good to her face, it is a facade. Given Talia al Ghul has arrived, adamant Ivy not take crap from anybody, this might result in Ivy snapping and even killing folks.

Some are cowering in concern after her intimidating displaying within the boardroom, however the present hints it is not a one-off, and that she’ll attain a breaking level once more. She’s already forcing villains to comply with her eco-plans, making an attempt to handle a disobedient Nora, and stressing out with Harley being a hero who’s making an attempt to get her to snitch. The issue is that this stress is not wanted, as Ivy has already heaped a lot on herself to impress Lex Luthor.

Lex has given Ivy the keys to the dominion, the facility to heal the world whereas working crime, and endorsed her imaginative and prescient totally. Ivy will wish to repay this confidence in full and never let anybody stand in her manner. In the end, Ivy has seen how being charming will get her to regulate males like Joker. Whether or not it is an iron fist or forked tongue, the present is teasing a extra crafty, violent Pamela Isley, which can check her soulmate bond with Harley and Harley Quinn’s Bat-family in due time.

The primary three episodes of Harley Quinn Season 4 at the moment are accessible on Max. New episodes air on Thursdays.



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