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Kang the Conqueror is again! And his newest scheme is meaningless. The Avengers and Unbelievable 4 are drawn right into a weird battle between ‘Nebula’ and Kang which turns into little greater than a footnote of their historical past. It is uncommon that I am going to outright attempt to dissuade you from studying a narrative, however that is undoubtedly one to overlook.

Earlier tales that instantly affect this one:

  • FUTURES IMPERFECT (1988-1989) Nebula turned Physician Druid towards the Avengers 
  • INTO THE TIMESTREAM (1990) Druid breaks free from Nebula’s management  

Crossover: It is a customary four-part crossover.

  • Captain America Annual #11[1/4]
  • Thor Annual #17[1/4]
  • Unbelievable 4 Annual #25[1/5]
  • Avengers Annual #21[1/4]

Captain America Annual #11[1/4]
Captain America heads to a small city referred to as Well timed in Wisconsin, which is the final place anybody noticed the Imaginative and prescient. Whereas investigating the disappearance of certainly one of his fellow Avengers, Cap is transported again in time to 2700 BC the place he allies with Gilgamesh towards the alien Kronans. A really younger Sersi factors Cap in the direction of a futuristic construction. Inside this new Chronopolis, Kang holds the Imaginative and prescient prisoner. Again within the current day, ‘Nebula’ tries to persuade 

Thor Annual #17[1/4]
Thor searches for the lacking Imaginative and prescient and Captain America. And, like Cap, is forged again in time when he arrives in Well timed. Arriving in historic Avalon, Thor encounters Prester John who errors him as an ally of Kang and strikes him down with the Evil Eye. Prester John asks Thor to assist him slay the invading Vikings, however Thor fears the impact on the timeline and opposes him. Thor is then transported to the early twentieth century. Again within the current, Nebula convinces Physician Druid to assist her towards Kang…

Unbelievable 4 Annual #25[1/5]
Physician Druid turns to the Unbelievable 4 to assist him and Nebula journey via time to get to Kang. In the meantime, the Avengers begin looking for their lacking teammates and shortly discover their approach to Chronopolis the place ‘Nebula’ turns the 2 groups towards one another. Simply as Druid stops each groups from preventing, they’re discover themselves stared down by Kang’s elite warriors, handpicked from via time… the Anachronauts!

Avengers Annual #21[1/4]
Regardless of their mixed energy, the Anachronauts overpower the Avengers and Unbelievable 4 and take them prisoner. Caged earlier than Kang, the villain broadcasts his scheme to infiltrate society via its know-how. Captain America, Imaginative and prescient and Thor all of a sudden emerge. ‘Nebula’ makes her transfer towards Kang, however he survives and divulges her to be Ravonna Renslayer. She as a substitute broadcasts herself because the Terminatrix and assaults Kang, whereas Raa of the Anachronauts frees the Avengers and Unbelievable 4. The chaotic battle ends when Kang pushes the Terminatrix out of Mjolnir‘s path, taking the hit himself. Upset and confused, Ravonna departs with the unconscious Kang, taking his place as ruler of Chronopolis whereas he stays comatose – their earlier conditions reversed.

Avengers Annual #21 (1992)

Ravonna Renslayer/Terminatrix displays on her and Kang’s current previous and her new position in Chronopolis throughout THE WARLORD.

Captain America #408 (1992) 

Physician Druid continues to combat alongside his former-fellow Avengers as an ally.

Avengers Annual #22 (1993) 
Professor Justin Alphonse Gamble assists Terminatrix and the Anachronauts to right that point paradox that allowed the Ebony Blade to exist regardless of by no means having been created.

Avengers: The Terminatrix Goal #1-4 (1993) 

Terminatrix fights her future self, Revelation, to discover a treatment for Kang; Kang is revived, however quickly finds himself at odds with Terminatrix once more when she tries to kill him.

Avengers #393 (1995) 
Immortus returns (disguised as Kang) throughout THE CROSSING.

Avengers Eternally #3 (1999) 
Many of the Anachronauts are killed when Immortus assaults Chronopolis.

Avengers Eternally #9 (1999) 
Kang dismisses his actions his try and subvert all know-how all through time to his will as as his “lowest level impressed by boredom”; Terminatrix is revealed to have been killed by the forces of Immortus.

Avengers #48 (2002) 
Kang’s position because the instigator of robotics within the twentieth century permits him to manage the attacking Sentinels throughout THE KANG DYNASTY.

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