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Booster Bundle! | DC Universe On-line

Booster Bundle! | DC Universe On-line


Simply in time for spring, it’s a new Booster Bundle! Top off in your most wanted Market objects and new types. 

Every Booster Bundle prices 1000 Dawn Money (PC) or Market Money (PS, Xbox, NS), and comes with over $10 in market comfort objects. Here is the complete checklist:

  • 150 Replay Badges
  • 15 Flawless Nth Metallic (15,000 Artifact XP)
  • 1 Case of Ally Favor (5,000 Ally Favor)
  • 1 Nth Metallic Detector
  • 1 Radar Detector
  • 1 Proto Restore Bot
  • Bonus: 1 Booster Reward Field


Booster Reward Field

The Booster Bundle Remix options 9 new chroma packs! When opening the reward field, one of many following will likely be inside: 

  • Blue Neon Spiderweb Chroma Pack
  • Black Neon Spiderweb Chroma Pack
  • White Neon Spiderweb Chroma Pack
  • Blue Textured Polymer Chroma Pack
  • Inexperienced Textured Polymer Chroma Pack
  • Orange Textured Polymer Chroma Pack
  • Purple Textured Polymer Chroma Pack
  • Crimson Textured Polymer Chroma Pack
  • Yellow Textured Polymer Chroma Pack


White, Blue, and Black Neon Spiderweb Chroma Packs

Yellow, Crimson, and Inexperienced Textured Polymer Chroma Packs

Blue, Purple, and Orange Textured Polymer Chroma Packs



The Booster Bundle will launch on March 16, 2023. 



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