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Batman: The Audio Adventures #7 (comedian) assessment

Batman: The Audio Adventures #7 (comedian) assessment


Welcome again, Bat-boys and ladies! We now arrive on the gorgeous conclusion of the Batman: The Audio Adventures restricted subject sequence. Within the penultimate chapter, horror unfolds in two locations directly. Batman makes an attempt to cease the prophecy of the Demon, as Robin and Killer Croc unexpectedly discover themselves on a collision course with the Penguin. The query is, who will survive the night time in our ultimate story of life and loss of life in Gotham Metropolis?

Finish of the Campaign

For many years, readers are inclined to affiliate Batman with being “The Caped Crusader.” Nonetheless, Dennis McNicholas shares his personal opinion on what Batman could consider the title. Firstly, in Batman’s perspective, the time period compares his mission to the violent Holy Battle of the identical identify. Actually, he makes some extent of expressing that we should always study from the Crusades, somewhat than undertake a brand new one. As an alternative, Batman chooses to morally distinguish himself from the zealots he fights. Batman insists that destruction is the one consequence for many who solely search to destroy. Alternatively, Batman sees himself not as merely giving his life to destroy an enemy, however to construct alongside the way in which.

Because of Batman’s option to eliminate the Scimitar, The Demon’s Brood triggers the ritualistic culling of the orphans. But, in one other twist, the culling doesn’t contain the endangered orphans of Haly’s Circus throughout city. Shockingly, they search to decide on their messiah from the only survivor of a ritual suicide as an alternative! Whereas Batman doesn’t like Ra’s nor the Demon’s Brood, he’s unwilling to let any of them die. Though Batman’s look after them is excellent, it’s nonetheless naïve to attempt defending 300 yr outdated assassins from killing themselves or a good older immortal. The act of standing between the killers emphasizes his willingness to put down his personal life however not others.

Can A Killer Croc Tip His Scales?

In the meantime, the lengthy working b-plot of the sequence involves a head. The dangerously delirious Killer Croc returns to Haly’s Circus after failing to get assist from Leslie Thompkins. Sarcastically, Croc’s guilt for the ugly accident on the circus is the core of what drives his delusions. Haly’s Circus even places up hilariously exaggerated police sketches to scare individuals! Croc could have grow to be a killer, however regardless of the gnarly illustration, he was by no means a monster. Coincidentally, Penguin additionally choses Haly’s Circus because the venue to settle his rating with Robin and the Scarecrow. Naturally, Croc’s return and atonement with The Penguin is paramount to concluding his “heroes journey.”

Likewise, the identical is usually true for Robin as properly. Dick Grayson spent his complete life within the circus earlier than shedding his household within the accident. Furthermore, Robin’s victory at Haly’s has countless cathartic prospects. His return to the circus to avoid wasting lives straight mirrors the night time he misplaced his outdated life. Actually, Robin will get the chance to slide again into his outdated circus routine whereas saving lives. Even when readers by no means discover a conclusive reply about what Penguin is aware of about Robin, the act of disposing of Penguin’s bomb can also be closure for Grayson. I’m not a fan of the place it finally leads, however I respect the symmetry.

What Are We Trying At, Precisely?

I’m a fan of huge image storytelling. When listening to the Batman: The Audio Adventures podcast, Dennis McNicholas treats each character like tiny gears driving the bigger story engine. Subsequently, all of the flashbacks and character relationships want repay in the long run. To start with of the story, it’s okay to plant seeds of rigidity or thriller to discover later. By the top, so many shifting elements inside this sequence don’t justify the sequence lengthy foreshadowing. Looking back, a lot of the characters really feel further and plotlines don’t go anyplace.

That stated, the smaller touches don’t go unnoticed both. For one, the art work and flat coloration palette continues to be heartwarmingly easy and pleasing to have a look at. No less than, outdoors of the butt-ugly mutant seals. The tongue and cheek dialogue like “candy mom Mavis,” “ding-dong,” or “scrumpy” are additionally quirky highlights. Even Easter Eggs like Bat-Mite or any of the comedic background characters are lovable options of the e-book. Sadly, there are some parts of the art work with unhealthy framing and beneath rendered backgrounds. To not point out, there are large free ends involving Scarecrow, Hugo Unusual, Joker, Harley Quinn, and the consistently referenced Ra’s Al Ghoul. Sadly, this doesn’t really feel like a completed thought in any respect.

Advisable If…

  • You’re a fan of light-hearted comedian strips.
  • You’re a listener of the Batman: The Audio Adventures podcast.
  • Ready for a Batman comedy for the entire household.


These first seven points comply with the story of a band of complicated cultists chasing a sword across the metropolis as Killer Croc goes insane elsewhere. Whereas not precisely anti-religious, the story closely criticizes rituals, prophecy, and themes of self sacrifice. Towards the top, McNicholas implies that following something blindly may be harmful. Total, whether or not a voice in your head, demonic doctrine, the whims of an adversary, or a mentor with good intentions; striving for the most effective path for your self is extra essential. Tonally, the e-book feels good, however thematically it falls brief. At occasions it may be surprisingly mature, however it largely has the tone of Nickelodeon’s Doug (1991). I believe it nonetheless serves as a great companion piece for the podcast, if not solely satisfying or cohesive as a comic book e-book sequence.

Rating: 6/10

DISCLAIMER: DC Comics supplied Batman Information with a replica of this comedian for the needs of this assessment.



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