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8 Finest Film, TV, & Video Recreation Easter Eggs In Honkai: Star Rail

8 Finest Film, TV, & Video Recreation Easter Eggs In Honkai: Star Rail


There are a lot of film, TV, and online game easter eggs in Honkai: Star Rail, the brand new turn-based RPG by developer HoYoverse (well-known for Genshin Influence). The brand new title within the Honkai franchise takes a step except for the Influence collection and weaves a brand new story that’s unrelated to it. Throughout its storytelling course of, nevertheless, gamers are encountering a number of references to completely different popular culture merchandise, unfold throughout numerous mediums.

Up to now, gamers have seen Honkai: Star Rail reference well-liked TV exhibits, many iconic films, and even a number of award-winning video games. Whereas most of them are mere mentions of those merchandise, often current as dialogue choices, a number of others are extra developed and even relate to a full questline.



8 Genshin Influence Easter Egg In Honkai: Star Rail

Genshin Impact's female Traveler flying high among clouds with a glider on her back.

Among the most evident Easter eggs in Honkai: Star Rail are, unsurprisingly, nods to HoYoverse’s different open-world RPG Genshin Influence. One of many first ones that gamers might encounter is throughout the northeast space of the Storage Room stage within the Herta House Station: the bottom glider from Genshin Influence. When inspecting it, gamers are met with an outline highlighting the wind’s energy, which is a transparent reference to Mondstadt, the nation of Anemo. One other early reference is a nod to Paimon’s foremost quote when heading towards locked areas, as exemplified by artist Charliemincer on Twitter.

There are a lot of different Genshin Influence references, comparable to an Achievement that references Zhongli’s voice line when opening chests, and a mission titled after Tartaglia’s Elemental Burst voice line. There are additionally loads of smaller references to the broader Genshin universe subtly positioned amongst dialogue choices and even in character names – the Goethe Resort in Belobog is a direct reference to the Grand Resort Goth proprietor in Genshin, additionally named Goethe. Even Timmy and his pigeons are referenced in Star Rail. Extra Genshin easter eggs in Honkai: Star Rail will possible be added and found by followers as the sport progresses and evolves.

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7 The Shining Easter Egg In Honkai: Star Rail

Jack Torrance looking off into the distance in The Shining

One other pretty early popular culture reference that gamers might encounter is a nod to the traditional horror film, The Shining. When contained in the Resort Hall in Belobog’s Overworld Goethe Resort, gamers might work together with every room door main as much as their very own room within the place, and listen to what’s inside each. All of them have small references to Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining. There are mentions of the noise of a ball always hitting, in addition to references to the Torrance household, together with Danny himself. There may be even a customer that talks a few nightmare involving a person with an ax.

The final word The Shining Easter egg in Honkai: Star Rail, nevertheless, solely occurs when gamers work together with all of the doorways contained in the Resort Hall. After triggering the final door, as exemplified by Cell Recreation on YouTube, gamers’ screens go black and a textual content immediate cites that the principle character is feeling a presence within the hallway. The subsequent picture exhibits twin ladies standing subsequent to one another on the finish of the hall, wanting towards the Trailblazer. The women then invite the protagonist to play with them without end, which is a direct reference to The Shining.

6 Combat Membership Easter Egg In Honkai: Star Rail

Brad Pitt and Edward Norton outside a bar in Fight Club

The turn-based RPG has loads of references to Hollywood films, and one other simply catchable easter egg in Honkai: Star Rail is about Combat Membership. Although it’s an very simple reference, it’s one that every one gamers need to undergo, as it’s a part of the principle story quests. When speaking to Hook and some different Moles, she mentions the Underworld’s Combat Membership. When this occurs, gamers have two dialogue decisions, one among which says “I assumed the primary rule was…”, which is a direct reference to the film, as proven by Elli on Twitter:

Within the Combat Membership film, Edward Norton’s narrator character creates a battle membership with Brad Pitt’s character, Tyler Durden. The primary rule for members is to not discuss its existence, whereas the second rule is however a reinforcement of the primary rule. As such, the dialogue choice in Honkai: Star Rail is a nod to the favored film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s novel.

5 Breaking Unhealthy Easter Egg In Honkai: Star Rail

Walter talks on the phone from Breaking Bad

One other dialogue choice easter egg in Honkai: Star Rail references Breaking Unhealthy and the protagonist’s drug-dealing alter ego, Heisenberg. Within the Underground’s Goethe Resort, gamers can work together with a kind inside their resort room. It’s an analysis of their expertise throughout the resort, which incorporates questions on their lodging, the view, and way more. Close to the tip of the shape, they will select to depart their title, as proven by BoyJav on Twitter.

One of many choices is “Heisenberg.” It is a very small reference, however one that’s simply picked up by followers of the hit TV present. Other than the participant’s title, another choice is “Your pleasant neighborhood Anonymous,” which is a reference to how Spider-Man refers to himself in most Marvel merchandise. Out of the three attainable solutions, two of them are nods to popular culture merchandise.

4 Matrix Easter Egg In Honkai: Star Rail

Morpheus' righ hand holding the red pill in The Matrix, with a superimposed Neo to the right.

Persevering with the streak of Hollywood films which can be highlighted as Easter eggs in Honkai: Star Rail, there’s a refined reference to the unique Matrix film. Inside Herta House Station, gamers can begin a facet quest known as “To: The Faint Star” by speaking to Rocky within the Grasp Management Zone. The character’s story of writing an unacknowledged love letter develops and as soon as gamers determine the reality, they will discuss to Rocky’s mentor, known as Bernard.

As proven by Desamayo on Twitter, Bernard gives gamers the prospect to both inform Rocky the crimson fact or the blue lie. It is a slight reference to the crimson tablet and blue tablet decisions introduced by Morpheus to Neo in The Matrix. The crimson fact could be a change in Rocky’s perspective, whereas the blue lie would maintain him in the established order he finds himself in.

3 Hitchhiker’s Information To The Galaxy Easter Egg In Honkai: Star Rail

Marvin the Paranoid Android walks while Arthur Dent, played by Martin Freeman, and Ford Prefect, played by Mos Def, follow behind him in the 2005 movie adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Maybe the last word popular culture easter egg in Honkai: Star Rail is the reference to the novel collection The Hitchhiker’s Information to the Galaxy. The rationale Towel Day exists and an ideal embrace of nerd tradition, Douglas Adams’ works are cited greater than as soon as in HoYoverse’s turn-based RPG. One of many references is the “The Categorical Passenger’s Information to the Galaxy” Achievement, which requires the acquisition of 10 completely different characters. The Achievement’s title is however a reinterpretation of the franchise’s title.

One other reference to The Hitchhiker’s Information to the Galaxy is introduced throughout a dialog with Herta when she is explaining the Simulated Universe for the primary time. When speaking to her, one of many dialogue choices gamers can select from is “42”, as posted by Leine on Twitter. In Douglas Adams’ work, the quantity is taken into account the reply to the universe. It’s a particularly refined Easter egg, however one which followers will possible decide up on.

2 Rick Astley Easter Egg In Honkai: Star Rail

Rick Astley dancing in front of his stand-up microphone in the Never Gonna Give You Up music video.

There’s a comedic Easter egg in Honkai: Star Rail, referencing Rick Astley’s hit tune By no means Gonna Give You Up, which is used for the favored “rickrolled” meme. There are a lot of readable supplies within the sport and, amongst them, one among them talks about an Aeon and describes it because the protagonist of the tune. As shared by Mizukate on Twitter, an entry concerning the Masked Fools – Elation was written by “Ast Rickley, tremendous popstar of the Epsilon XII Galaxy.

The entry itself says: “Even a company just like the Masked Fools sing solemn praises of their Aeon. The Aeon won’t ever offer you up, by no means allow you to down, or abandon you. They’ll by no means make you cry, say goodbye, or inform a lie and harm you.” Whereas the creator’s title is a play on Rick Astley’s title, the entry is a direct quotation of By no means Gonna Give You Up.

1 Bloodborne Easter Egg In Honkai: Star Rail

Father Gascoigne grimaces in Bloodborne.

The most effective Easter egg in Honkai: Star Rail to this point is a reference to Bloodborne, that looks like an entire copy of one among its most upsetting quests. Upon getting into Rivet City, gamers can hear a faint voice and, by approaching the right window close to the world’s entrance, they will discuss to a woman, which is preoccupied along with her sister. After setting out, gamers can encounter a Warp Trotter, which is a pig-like creature. Upon defeating it, they are going to obtain the Soiled Ribbon Tied to a Bell merchandise, which suggests she was consumed by the Fragmentum creature.

Taking the ribbon again to the woman within the window will make her disappear in unhappiness, abandoning a Broken Music Field. As proven by Solar on Twitter, all of that is precisely what occurs to Father Gascoigne’s daughters in Bloodborne, from discovering the woman was eaten by a swine-like creature, abandoning a ribbon, to the music field, which may later be used in opposition to Gascoigne in his boss battle. Returning to the Warp Trotter’s location and handing the music field to the lady there’ll full the facet quest and grant the Outworld Achievement.

The replication of Bloodborne’s quest is Honkai: Star Rails greatest Easter egg to this point, primarily resulting from its bigger presence, which matches past a easy dialogue choice. It’s controversial that the hunt was unrightfully copied from FromSoftware’s title as most of its construction is strictly the identical, however for followers of the sport, it’s a nice nod to see.

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